The Motive of Uncle Orrin (no relation)

Based on the recent comments by Senator Orrin Hatch (no relation) and the ongoing reactions, I remembered a quote of his I posted back in February of 2001, which implied that Senator Hatch (no relation) was coming to the defense of the fledgling granddaddy of MP3 swapping … Napster.

Here’s the interesting quote:

“The Napster community represents a huge consumer demand for the kind of online music services Napster, rightly or wrongly, has offered and, to date, the major record labels have been unable to satisfy,” (Feb 2001)

However, I suppose no one should be surprised by the flip-flopping of a politician, the irony or fallout, but I suspect or hope Senator Orrin Hatch (no relation) has an ulterior motive.

Perhaps he’s exposing the “marketing problem“.