Social Bookmarks Manager Right-Click Context Menu

Last night I hacked together a bit of JavaScript to add a right-click context menu posting option to Joshua Schachter’s Social Bookmarks Manager.

It works in a similar fashion to the bookmarklet, but is accessible via the right-click context menu in IE. It also adds the feature of pulling in any text selected on the page into the “extended” description field and remembers your path after the first invocation by storing it in a cookie.

Installation should be easy…

I’ve created a windows registry script to add the necessary registry key as well as a removal script to delete the key if you would like to remove the context menu option.

  • Simply click on the following link: post-to-del-icio-us.reg
  • When prompted, click save to download it to your local system (desktop is fine)
  • Close your browser (important step)
  • Double-click on the post-to-del-icio-us.reg registry script and then click ‘Ok’ on the two message boxes
  • Start-up your browser, select some text on a page, right-click the text and select “Post to”
  • When first run, you will be prompted for your path, which is in the format:[your-user-name] (e.g. mine is

Some other notes:

As for as I know, this only works in IE (or derivatives like MyIE2) and it’s definitely specific to Windows.

There is a way to delete the cookie that contains your path. You can do so by using this link

As I mentioned above I also have a removal registry script, which you can use to delete the context menu from IE.

If you would like to run the script locally from your system, I have provided a zip archive containing all the necessary files.

To customize the script for your local system, drop the post-to-del-icio-us.html into your Windows directory and edit the post-to-del-icio-us.reg file to point to the local path instead of my server.

That’s it.


Update: 2004/09/17
Dan Grigsby has created a Windows Installer for this script. Do check it out!

Thanks Dan!