Dynamics of a Blogosphere Story

Ok, I suppose my post is a reaction or vote to
Microdoc News Dynamics of a Blogosphere Story study, which not surprisingly is tracking on Blogdex.

Whatever the case, and the label for what I’m doing here, I do find Microdoc’s study to be quite interesting. In particular, the following quotes…

Microdoc News
has developed a picture of how a blogosphere story gets started, how that story develops and then how it then comes to an end. While each blogosphere story has its own pattern of development, the similarities between one story and another is intriguingly similar. The smallest blogosphere stories can have as few as fifteen bloggers, the average story has between 40 and 60 bloggers, while the largest one to date had about 285 bloggers involved. A blogosphere story can be as small as 180 posts in total, while the largest we studied has numbered 7,540 posts in total.
[… and later …]
“Perhaps the last conclusions we came to in this study is that blogs cannot be read in isolation from each other. Blog stories are understood and appreciated in aggregate and not in isolation. On the other hand, mainstream media stories tend to be read in isolation rather than read and compared.

In total, Microdoc News believes blogging to be a radically different world than that of mainstream media.”