AOL Shuts out Trillian … but Google always amazes me

I noticed that the Trillian IM client stopped connecting to AOL the other day. So, I went to Google to see if I could find a posting on Usenet via Google Groups about the blockage (because Usenet is were I always look first for breaking news). However, I inadvertently typed my search query ("trillian aol") into the main Google search box and to my surprise the first two links we labeled "News" and highlighted two articles posted today on CNET and The Register.

Wow! This may have been available on Google for a while, but this is the first time I realized that Google is indexing "News" sites on a daily (hourly?) basis. Google aways amazes me. Thanks for such a great service!

Anyway, here's the news about the Trillian blockage:  

AOL Shuts Out Users in Battle Over IM (CNET – 10:11  31 Jan 2002)
AOL blocks Trillian IM access (The Register, UK – 4:01  31 Jan 2002)