Digital Photography Composition Tips

Another Photography-related link found via /. points to a recent post on the Digital Photography Blog where they have assembled a collection of Photography Composition Tips found on the net.

Most of these are obvious to the professional photographer, but being that I’m not, I found many of the tips helpful.

Like for example, these tips on taking night or low-light digital photographs. (which, BTW makes me want to apply the Firmware Hack to my D300 so I can “enable” ISO 3200 ;-)

As an aside, spidergoat2 posted by on /. an astute observation…

“People with spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on technology like PCÂ’s, cameras, software, etc., but wonÂ’t spend $15 on a book about how to use it.”

Ahh, come-on, everyone knows that Geeks don’t RTFM :-)