Canon EOS-300D Firmware Hack

UPDATE: June, 16 2004: New beta version B7.1: download here

Yesterday the news of the Russian Canon EOS-300D Firmware Hack hit /.

Spurred largely due to the 300D’s similarities with the 10D, rumors of the potential for hacks have been widely discussed in the forums on DPreview.

I’ve been passively following the 300D firmware hacks for weeks to get the skinny.

Yet I’m still on-the-fence with regard to installing a hacked firmeware upgrade due to the fact that it will void my warranty.

On the plus side however, the 300D firmware hack “enables” Flash Compensation, ISO 3200 and Mirror Lock, among others, which are exceedingly tempting.

Hmmm… Tempting indeed.

I can always revert back to the Canon OEM firmware — Assuming of course that the camera still functions.

As an aside; found via the /. thread, was a link to Liem’s Digital Rebel Tricks, which provides excellent details about the Russian Firmware hack as well as a number of other useful tricks…

Such as my personal favorite…

A Windows XP Registry Hack that turns the THM files that accompany Cannon’s RAW (CRW) images files into picture previews viewable in the Windows shell. Nice!