I want my RSSTV!

I learned via PVRBlog about Andrew Grumet’s proposal to the TiVo and DIY PVR communities regarding sharing your recordings among friends via RSS — in essence, Andrew’s idea is an application of social networking, but perhaps you’re best served by reading through Andrew’s proposal.

Here are a few choice quotes:

“Today my TiVo is networked and programmable. Do-it-yourself PVRs are on the rise, and we know that the open source ones like MythTV are programmable. Perhaps some of the commercial ones are too. So maybe it’s time for us to flex some programmer muscle and code up our PVRs to leverage the power of the Net. We ought to at least be able to add the ability to share our great taste with friends. But probably a lot more.”

Q Are copyrighted TV programs exchanged over the Net?”
A No. Only schedule information is exchanged. That information may be derived from any number of sources, including XMLTV or even hand-typing the information into an HTML form while glancing at a TV Guide. RSSTV feeds will typically contain selective information, e.g. “here are the three programs worth watching on February 3rd”, so manual-entry is a plausible option.”(Read the comments here)

Hmm, I think it would be fairly trivial to general an RSS feeds from my MythTV schedule or recorded programs list via MythWeb, but who would subscribe? (mental note: keep an eye on this)