More First Experiences with MythTV

It sounds like Tom Walsh over at Newsforge and I share many of the same first experiences and conclusions in regard to building and using a Home Theater PC (HTPC) based on MythTV.

Tom Walsh writes: “Would I say that anyone could put together their own PVR? No! It takes a level of competency and comfort with Linux to attempt such an undertaking. You need a good deal of patience with often time-confusing documentation. But if you persist, ask questions of those in IRC, and purchase high-end hardware, I am confident that you too will be satisfied with your results.”

I agree. Although, I’m still having some minor problems like “tinny” audio that appears randomly on recorded programs, but I’ve read that it’s fixable with a driver update. Plus I need to upgrade to the latest MythTV (.14) relase.

Overall however, we’re still very happy with our “STeVo” and our TV viewing habits have certainly changed in a good way — like for example we’re watching less (especially commercials!!)