Unsung Hero of the Tour

Catherine sent me the following quote from Tyler Hamilton’s latest journal entry about his current status at the Tour:

“The pain in my collarbone is now being matched by pain in my spine. I started feeling a jabbing pain in my back and rib cage a couple of days ago. We just figured it was a bruise making its way to the surface and that it would get better each day. But the problem is it’s been getting worse.”

I do hope Tyler can continue in the Tour this year.

And then there’s the following quote about Lance jumping back onto the road after his Mountain Biking excursion, which was triggered to avoid the awful crash by Joseba Beloki

“I instinctively threw out my arm to try and give him a push to help get him up to speed, but then I realized I had reached out with my right arm, which is the side with my collarbone fractures. At the last second, I pulled my hand away. I don’t think I would have been much help to him anyway. He seemed to have the situation under control. Although his heart rate must have been over 200 at the time.”

IMHO, Tyler Hamilton is the unsung hero of the Tour this year. He should be getting more press for his acheivements!

Yes, indeed go Lance! But I find myself amazing that not only is Tyler still in the Tour, he’s actually still riding with the leaders. Tyler, being one of them; in 5th place overall!

Go Tyler!