Best Exercise That’s Also Fun: Mountain Biking

ha! as if we didn't know … so, who's up for a ride?

from Men's Health: "Mountain biking uses tons of energy and tons of muscles and takes a ton of balls, and you aren't even aware of what it's doing for your body. A 180-pound guy mountain-biking for an hour will burn almost 700 calories. Bring the mountain to you: Mountain biking has a fitness payoff even when you have no mountain handy. Hit the flat road. Riding a mountain bike takes about a third more effort than riding a road bike, largely because of the increased rolling resistance from the fatter tires and the increased weight of the bike. So if your time is limited and you have a choice of bikes, it's always better to choose the mountain bike, even if you'll be riding it on the road. Riding 12 miles on fat tires is the equivalent of doing 15 on skinny."