To dos for Bike New York

Bike New York is this Sunday (May 6th 2001)!   (note: you still can register at the event)   However, based on our past experience I put together the following list of things to remember.
before the ride:

  • tune your bike at least three days before the ride
  • put on slicks (if you're riding a mt. bike)
  • check and adjust your break pads (get new ones if they seem flat)
  • check your spokes and rims for any loose spokes or rubbing
  • check all bolts and cables
  • oil your drive train
  • hydrate: drink plenty of water a few days before the ride
  • if you rent a bike, test it out at least a day before the ride

bring the following items with you:

  • bike tools: an extra tube, pump, patch kit, Allen and spoke wrenches, chain braker, tire irons
  • plenty of water (i'll have my camelbak and two water bottles filled with a sports drink)
  • a few sports bars (~4 per person)
  • a camera (and take pictures this time ;)
  • extra shirt and socks
  • rain gear
  • id and a money
  • cell phone
  • sunscreen