Daily Twitter Updates for 2010-03-22

  • Amazon's iPad App Will Be All New, But It Won't Be Ready By April 3 [MediaMemo] http://ff.im/-hTQhB #
  • Official: Apple now offering iPhones contract free and… unlocked? http://ff.im/-hVACb #
  • Microsoft Copies Twitter [Bad Ideas] http://ff.im/-hVAZ2 #
  • Zosh Fills Out and Signs Docs from Your iPhone, Makes Fax That Much More Useless [Downloads] http://ff.im/-hVF6g #
  • Watch March Madness Online: On-Demand Site Streams All Games, Even Has Boss Button [Timesavers] http://ff.im/-hVG6P #
  • Learn a New Photography Trick or Two; Entire BBC Photo Masterclasses Now Available Online [Photography Tip] http://ff.im/-hVGL9 #

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