Write a Subject line!

I need to break form my passive del.icio.us link-blogging activities to quote a section from 43 Folder on “Writing sensible email messages

“You can make it even easier for your recipient to immediately understand why you’ve sent them an email and to quickly determine what kind of response or action it requires. Compose a great “Subject:” line that hits the high points or summarizes the thrust of the message. Avoid “Hi,” “One more thing…,” or “FYI,” in favor of typing a short summary of the most important points in the message”

As many of my friends know, I’m fairly adamant about email — ok, perhaps even militant, but one of my major peeves is email without a subject!

If your email has any importance, a relevant or as 43 Folders says, a great subject is IMHO the most significant element to an email message.

(In most cases) if an email lacks a subject, I simply will not read it.

Even spam includes a subject!