FeedBurner and Me

I decided to consolidate many of my XML feeds using the excellent FeedBurner service. The process was very simple using Matt’s straight forward tips on redirecting existing feeds to FeedBurner.

In addition, I opted to use FeedBurner’s Link Splicer to include daily dumps of my del.icio.us bookmarks into my main feed. So if you’re reading this via a news aggregator you’ll notice the post flow increase.

Over the past six or so months, I’ve found it to be faster to post quick annotations using my del.icio.us right-click context menu hack (shameless plug). So much of what I formally posted in my main blog now gets tagged and shared with del.icio.us. This is especially useful when I’m short on time.

Let me know if you’d rather have a separate blog-only feed option.

BTW, Due to DoS attacks I had to disable commenting and trackbacks on this site (again). So, send comments via email.