IBM’s Web-Based Desktop Apps

Based on a story and /. thread, it seems like we’re “gonna party like it’s 1999” Again! (remember myWebOS)

However this time IBM may possibly be able to pull this off. I don’t think IBM’s effort will significantly deplete MSFT’s 90% market share of the desktop software market, but perhaps they will carve out enough to make it a viable and cheaper alternative.

From the story: “The new software, part of IBM’s Lotus Workplace strategy, is a bundle that includes e-mail, word processing, spreadsheet and database applications aimed at business users. The package also includes server-based management software, as well as software to run productivity applications on handheld devices.”

“IBM has also rounded up support from other software makers, including Adobe, PeopleSoft and Siebel Systems, which are considering making their Web-based business applications available through the new IBM client management software.”

“Mills downplayed the competitive angle with Microsoft. The announcement is “not about beating Microsoft. There is no business strategy of any merit predicated on beating competitors. It’s about how customers can save money,” he said.”

I liked the idea back in 1999 and I still think the model deserves merit — especially in conjunction with the latest chater regarding The Google Platform.