Canon EOS Digital SLR Rebel

Lately, I’ve been doing some research into the latest crop of Digital SLR cameras from Canon. Of course, I’d be nowhere without the help from my friend and coworker Les, who needs to get his weblog/photolog online ASAP (but that’s another story).

Anyway, initially I was led to the Canon EOS 10D, by Anders and Les, which is an awesome pro-consumer camera, based on the reviews and sample pictures that that I’ve seen.

Although, at roughly $1,200 – $1,500(US), the price of the 10D is still way more than I want to spend (even with the imaginary money I’m willing to put towards a new digital camera to replace my aging Olympus 2020-Zoom.)

However, Canon just made the move to Digital SLR a bit closer to reality, with the release of the Canon EOS Digital Rebel (aka Canon EOS D300)

It’s not going to be released in the US until September, but it will have a list price of $899 (for the body) or $999 (with the Lens Kit).

I’m still playing with imaginary money, but it’s very tempting given the fact that we can re-use our Canon EF lenses from our older Canon EOS Rebel 35mm film camera as well as the external flash.

Hmmm, maybe an after Christmas gift for the family? And maybe we’ll win the lottery too? :-)