Teoma eclipsed Google?.

The Wall Street Journal covers Google’s closest competitors (except Microsoft [for now]):

“Some search industry gurus even preach heresy: that Google isn’t the field’s technology leader anymore.”

Teoma’s providing more value by providing refinements from the “community”

“Teoma’s software has, in effect, found the “community” associated with your search, and is listing what related topics that community is “discussing.” For “power blackout,” the refinements Friday included “electrical surge” and “cost of downtime.”

“Prof. Kleinberg says Teoma’s technology has lately eclipsed Google’s.”

Although, I’m curious to see what will happen when Google starts to better incorporate “Blog Fodder” with search results as a context refinement.

“How much better than Search Engine X does Search Engine Y need to be to get people to start using it?”

Hmm, good question! In fact, I think it gets even uglier in the enterprise search market.