PageRank within the Enterprise

Tim Bray’s latest On Search essay alludes to the effectiveness of Google’s PageRank within the Enterprise:

“…even if it turns out that popularity [PageRank] is the key thing for Internet search, the Internet is a very special place, and itÂ’s quite unlikely that popularity is the killer metadatum for the whole universe of search applications.”

However, I suspect that part of what’s in works with Google’s acquisition and integration of Blogger is to augment PageRank in the enterprise. Yet, utilizing blogs internally to enhance the PageRank-ing of documents and resources indexed with the Google Search Appliance will require some ramp-up time to become useful.

This is of course on top of the initial hurdle of actually instituting a knowledge worker process of blogging and linking to internal documents and URIs.

An uphill battle for sure, but I think corporate blogging could provide the metadata that Tim is describing in his essay, which is certainly worth reading.