Using Blogs in Business

OMG, I actually agree with Cam … a quote from a quote on Blogroots :

"Where I work, much of the company-wide memorandums and communication is done via e-mail, with some e-mails containing numerous attachments that sometimes weigh in at a hefty one-to-two megabytes. It'd be so much better if these e-mails only referenced documents somewhere on the intranet instead of including them as attachments. The intranet page for each department could be a regularly updated weblog of information currently being circulated. This would solve so many problems with disk space and deleted e-mails, it puzzles me that some corporate intranets haven't adopted these simple concepts for the easy distribution of information. —Cameron Barrett"

Note: The rest of the page is a chapter from an upcoming book about the use of weblogs in a business setting … worth reading as well [ more here ]