Building XML Portals with Cocoon

You all are probably aware of this and excuse me if someone mentioned this before, but I found a new and interesting article on by Matthew Langham and Carsten Ziegeler, which describe the portal components they built and donated to the Apache Cocoon Project. The donation consisted of components and tools for authentication (originally called "sunRise") and portals (originally called "sunSpot"). [ More here  

In addition, I found a Cocoon Weblog … However, I found it interesting that it ran on Radio :-)

And then, from the Cocoon Weblog, I found a link to an article comparing Cocoon and Struts , with this quote, "Struts IS NOT a portal framework or a multi-channel distribution server."

And finally, I found a mention on the Cocoon Weblog of a SourceForge Project called, CocoBlog , which "is a free weblogging software tool based on Apache Cocoon and Apache Xindice." Neat!

Heh …My trip was like "Six Degrees of Cocoon" :-)