Recipe for Car Power: Heat Vegetable Oil, Flip Switch and Go.

What’s next? Cop cars that run on powdered sugar?

From an
in the NY Times: “He will then start the vehicle on regular
diesel, and after a few minutes, when the vegetable oil becomes more viscous
in the heater, a manual switch will direct it to the diesel engine. From
there, the only detectable difference will be the faint odor of French
fries, and a noticeable lack of diesel stench.” (Thanks for the link John)

IT business analyst or IT business technologist

Interesting article in eWeek about IT business

“…an IT business analyst acts as a liaison between non-IT
employees who have a business problem to solve and the IT department, which
is charged with finding the solution.”

Of course this is a self-serving comment from me, but I certainly agree that
this is a key position in the enterprise.

(Thanks Ted for sending me the link [where’s your blog ;-])

Keyboarding: Going Virtical

In a follow-up to my post about the Evolution of interfaces I found this article in ExtremeTech (via BoingBoing) about a vertical keyboard that helps prevent Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI):

“… the vertical placement of the keyboard allows the user to type while keeping the forearms in a neutral position (with the thumbs up). With a standard flat keyboard, in order to type the hands are rotated so that the palms are parallel with the floor (this is called a “pronated” position). In the pronated position, the bones in the forearm twist with the wrist and scissor. This scissoring of the bones causes extra pressure to be forced upon the Carpal Tunnel.”

The concept makes sense, but it appears to require more physical space compared to convention KBs and doesn’t necessarily seem to be a very portable input device.

Switch this…

Patrick from TechTV tries the “Switch

“The biggest problem with switching isn’t the Mac or OS X. It’s when you have to deal with the Windows-centric parts of the world. If you can avoid them (most folks don’t need compatibility with odd applications in the office), you could be all set right out of the box with your Mac.”

The Slashdot thread about the article is also interesting

Spammers Cannibalistic Pyramid Scheme

Wired News: “The human gene pool should be incapable of producing enough idiots to financially support the vast number of spammers whose scat litters so many inboxes. ”

“…most spammers make money selling e-mail addresses to other spammers, who then sell those same addresses to others. It’s like the legendary snake eating its own tail. “

Fax machines are evil!

Today Doc posts about retiring an old “1980-vintage Panafax PX-100 fax machine”.

However, I have a bigger request. When will we rid the planet of fax machines entirely? I mean, technically do they really have a purpose these days?

It seems that the workflow for faxing is ridiculously wasteful for most fax transmissions.

Basically, I print something just so I can fax it. Why waste the paper? When all I really need to do is email or “remote print” the document.

Then if the receiver actually needs to use the content of a fax they would have to re-type it or OCR the page (Ugh!)

Please! What a waste!

Don’t we really need cheaper network-accessible remote printers? I believe this will lead to fax extinction!