Pictures from Bike NY 2002

Rob sent me this Ofoto link to the pictures he took during Bike NY 2002. This marked our 4th year of attendance and the largest group with 13 people riding in “Team Betty”. I think I speak for everyone that we all had a blast! I even was able to get Catherine to ride this year (thanks to Heather) However, I think the saddest moments were on the ferry ride back to Manhattan and our unplanned bike tour through ground zero. Such a devastating sight.

Bike New York 2001 Pictures

Well, this year I finally rigged my camera bag so that I could easily get to the cam while I was riding, because everyone who has ever ridden with me knows how much I like to stop :-)   However, the downside is that none of the pictures are of me … (well, that was a bit by design!)   anyway, here are the pictures I took during Bike New York 2001