VholdR: Shoot “video in motion” and Share it.

Very cool helmet cam and video sharing site: “VholdR is a Seattle-based startup helping modern explorers to tell their stories of action, adventure and travel…making action video easy to shoot and share, creating simple video tools that enable hands-free capture and effortless sharing of video online with others.”
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Byrne/Eno succeed in cutting out the middleman

“After eight weeks of digital-only sales, the (Byrne & Eno) duo have already grossed what they would have earned from a typical record company advance for artists of their expected sales profile. And that’s without any physical CDs–they don’t drop into retail stores until November 30.”
via Byrne/Eno succeed in cutting out the middleman | Digital Noise: Music and Tech – CNET News

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  • "Ten Thousand Cents" is a digital artwork that creates a representation of a $100 bill. Using a custom drawing tool, thousands of individuals working in isolation from one another painted a tiny part of the bill without knowledge of the overall task. Workers were paid one cent each via Amazon's Mechanical Turk distributed labor tool. The total labor cost to create the bill, the artwork being created, and the reproductions available for purchase are all $100. The work is presented as a video piece with all 10,000 parts being drawn simultaneously. The project explores the circumstances we live in, a new and uncharted combination of digital labor markets, "crowdsourcing," "virtual economies," and digital reproduction.
  • 1) upload a song 2) Add some cowbell 3) Make it happen

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