Mature Music Mag?

Catherine just sent me a link to this
article in the NY Post about TRACKS, which is the name of a
new music magazine that will hit this fall from the Good Music Media…

“This magazine is the antidote to the hype and gloss of the
youth music marketing machine,” … “Tracks will deliberately pursue the
30-to-45 year old audience.”

Perhaps it’s a sign that I’m getting older in that the announcement of a
magazine targeted at the 30-to-45 year old audience appeals to me, but what
else is out there for a retro-punk with a revived interest in jazz? I
suppose a Jazz magazine, but that’s to niche for me.

Hopefully the mag will live up to the hype, or perhaps the anti-hype.

However, in an effort to put hype into reality they should have a web site
right now to foster interest in the zine and brand (like some other
up-and-coming magazine I know of

Enterprise Meets the Borg

I think the Star Trek Enterprise Regeneration episode last night was one of the best in the series thus far. However, I have to agree with Jeremey Zawodny in that I was at first confused about the timeline, but I do think they pulled it together nicely.

As a few people have already mentioned on Jeremey’s blog, when the Borg contacted the Enterprise, they didn’t say, “We are Borg…”, which coincides with the storyline in ST:NG whereby they didn’t know of the Borg.

Also in the episode last night, the number of years mentioned for the sub-space message to reach the Borg home world was 200 years. That’s roughly correct, base on the fact that ST:NG met up with the Borg in 2365.

Here’s an awesome Star Trek Chronology Search Engine.

Note to self: You’re not fooling anyone about being a geek :-) Get back to work!

Suit Settled for Students Downloading Music Online

A quote in the NY Times from Howard Ende
of DB&R about the suit:

“This suit is about the industry’s attempt to intimidate
Internet users and instill fear of lawsuits against users of the Internet,
particularly students,” said Howard Ende, a lawyer from Drinker, Biddle &
Reath who is representing Mr. Peng. “They need to find some other way to
protect their economic interests than bringing suits against bright creative
young people.”

Well said.

How To Make A Telemarketer Cry

Mark Eckenwiler
details his experience suing a telemarketer (link via Doc)
I love this stuff!
Good summary of Mark’s work:

“The Small Claims process in D.C. – at least what I saw of it – was so
painless as to be dangerously addictive. While the decor in the clerk’s
office leaves a lot to be desired, the staff were consistently helpful and
professional during my phone calls and in-person visits, and you can’t beat
the results if your case has merit. (While sharing news of my success, I
learned from a work colleague that she had used Small Claims previously to
recover $5,000 from a crooked used-car dealer.)”

“Total costs: Approximately $20.79 out of pocket, including *69 charge and
filing & service fees, plus 2 trips to the courthouse and the occasional
phone call (and keep in mind I could have gotten my out-of-pocket costs down
to 75 cents with a little obstinacy)”

“Return on investment: $500 cash; a heaping serving of Revenge, The Dish Best
Served Cold(tm); and one telemarketer who I am certain will never call me

Most spammers lie

Say it isn’t so!!

“Fraud in spam is a big problem that calls out for law enforcement, says the FTC, which found that 66 percent of the unsolicited messages contain fraudulent claims.” (via CNet)

You mean that those pills really aren’t going too… well nevermind…

Donating a Car to Charity

I was doing some research about donating a car to charity and I found a good checklist on the NY Better Business Bureau site

    “If considering a donation of a vehicle to a charity, follow this checklist:

  • Check out the charity. Make sure you are comfortable with its mission, activities and ethics. NYPAS maintains reports on many New York area charities and the Council of Better Business BureausÂ’ PAS program has information on national organizations from around the country.
  • Inquire what specifically the vehicle will be used for.
  • If the vehicle is to be sold, ask the actual dollar amount the charity will receive for your donation. Shop around- some charities receive more for each car donated than others.
  • Determine the true value of your donation, by finding out the “blue book” value and/or getting it appraised by an auto professional. Remember to take any damage into account.
  • Keep copies of all documentation pertaining to your donation for tax purposes.”

Jazz Legend Nina Simone dies at 70

Ms. Simone, we will certainly miss you. And yes, you indeed, moved us all.

“Legendary jazz and blues singer Nina Simone has died at the age of 70 at her home in southern France.”

More news below…

Read and listen to more of Nina Simone’s inspiring
body of work

Seed or hydroseed

I need to seed my backyard, but I can’t decide between hydroseeding and pain old seeding. I’ve already factored out laying down sod, because according to this it appears that sod will be 50% more than hydroseeding.

However, what’s benefit over seeding? This Old House seems to favor hydroseeding, but it’s still unclear of the cost gap.