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  • “This Greasemonkey script allows you to view a series of modifications to a Wikipedia article as a video-like sequence.”
  • Like YubNub: “Ambedo is a front page to many search engines. Ambedo helps you start your searches without going to each search engine’s front page. That saves you a minute or two per search. Ambedo also has a lot of tags and triggers to search for specifi

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  • “We’ve taken peer-to-peer (BitTorrent) and completely simplified the ease with which you can publish your media. The result is a dynamic new habitat where you can find the latest downloads or endlessly distribute your content.”
  • “Avalanche is a research project that studies how to enable a cost effective, internet scalable and very fast file distribution solution (e.g. for TV on-demand, patches, software distribution). Such an approach leverages desktop PCs to aid in the distribu
    (tags: Microsoft P2P)
  • Bram Cohen’s response to Avalanche: “First of all, I’d like to clarify that Avalanche is vaporware. It isn’t a product which you can use or test with, it’s a bunch of proposed algorithms. There isn’t even a fleshed out network protocol. The ‘experiments’

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