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  • “On-the-fly it clusters a search engine’s search results into different groups, and provides meaningful and readable names for these groups. SRC changes the traditional representation of search results into a non-linear way, so as to facilitate the user’s
  • New release of MythTV … I need to set aside some time to upgrade.
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Much of my blogging these days has been taken over by the links and quick comments I have been posting to the social bookmarks manager. So I decided to completely mesh what I’m doing @ with my blog.

The integration process is actually fairly simple with the help of the experimental daily blog posting interface found in (@/settings/USER/daily). Basically, you enter the XML-RPC interface entry point from your blog, some user credentials and the process will deposit into your blog any links posted to your account in the last 24 hours — complete with extended comments and tags. Nice!

Much better than the feed splicing I have been utilizing with FeedBurner — although that is admittedly cool too.

Now, if I could find a mechanism to auto summarize the daily links into relevant titles for each post, instead of the standard ‘links for yyyy-mm-dd’ title template available now, I’d be delighted!