links for 2004-12-30

  • “A distribution of Knoppix loaded with games has a bootable CD with 700 MB of open-source games, 3d support for NVIDIA, ATI, and Intel Extreme, gamepad support for XWindows.”
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  • “In this article we discuss a variety of common causes of poor digital images, and present some tips on diagnosing and correcting the problems.”
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Virtual Apple ][ Online Disk Archive

These guys have an entire library of old Apple ][ programs online that run within the browser. They use an ActiveX control that’s an Apple ][gs virtual machine emulator running within the IE… Sweet!

[with Virtual Apple]…”you can now relive, play, and enjoy old Apple 2 games and other disks through the internet and web browser. This web site uses an ActiveX application and Apple IIgs emulator to automatically download and play most Apple 2 disk images online. To play a game, just select the disk from the menu and click on Yes to automatically download the ActiveX emulator and disk images. (Note: Requires Internet Explorer and Windows) Don’t worry, there isn’t any spyware to worry about, and it’s completely free!” (via Boing Boing)

links for 2004-12-27

Blinkx Video Search

Not surprisingly we’re going to see much more in the way of video or “multimedia” search from the likes of Yahoo, Google and of course Microsoft, but it looks like the Blinkx Video Search is the first one out of the starting blocks (too bad they don’t offer the results in RSS with enclosures)

“The beta offering, dubbed Blinkx TV, captures and indexes video and audio streams directly from television and radio broadcasters to make available news, sports and entertainment clips, the company said. The engine lets people group specific searches using “smart folders” that continuously collect multimedia content from sources including Fox News, HBO, ESPN, National Public Radio and the BBC World Service.” (via

IBM the Google for businesses?

There are few specific details in this article on CNET about IBM’s push into the Enterprise Search market, but it does hint at IBM’s commitment to “higher-margin software and services” during its transition from the PC Hardware space.

“IBM is building software it hopes will make it the Google of corporate-search technology.”

“IBM is constructing a content management and search product line through acquisitions and by sifting through the results of its research and development labs.” (e.g. WebFountain)

“We very much view unstructured information evolving the same way that relational databases evolved, where companies want to have content repositories that will serve multiple applications…”