Economics of Distributed Computing

Jim Gray of Microsoft Research has an interesting paper on the economic viability of distributed computing.

Some quotes:

“Put the computation near the data. The recurrent theme of this analysis is that “On Demand” computing is only economical for very CPU-intensive (100,000 instructions per byte or a CPU-day per gigabyte of network traffic) applications.”

“If telecom prices drop faster than Moore’s law … [snip] … it could completely alter the arguments here. But there is no obvious sign of that occurring.”

Hamilton Starts Stage 2 with Broken Collarbone

Amazing! — Tyler Hamilton has started stage two of the Tour De France with a broken collarbone, which he suffered during yesterday’s massive crash at the end of stage one!

“The second stage of the Tour de France is now underway and it appears that Tyler Hamilton, after Sunday’s devastating crash, is going to tough it out and try to ride today’s 204.5km route between La Ferte-sous-Jouarre and Sedan. “(via VeloNews)

After breaking my collarbone on a ride a few years ago, I could not even imagine sitting on my bike the day after let alone ride.

I’m in awe. Go Tyler!

SPAM false-positives can be rude

This is the unfortunate result of the “every growing uphill battle with SPAM”, but apparently an email to me from Anders Jacobsen was rejected due to some of the drastic, but efficient, measures John has been applying to the server.

Anders brings up some interesting points, in that the automated rejection notices, from legitimate senders, present themselves as bad-mannered netiquette that penetrates the social fabric of the online world.

As I said in my response to Anders, “SPAM has effectively transformed an efficient means of communication into a bastion of nonsense.”

Blah! I’m going home!

je ne sais quoi RSS

Great quotes from Chad Dickerson’s latest InfoWorld column, RSS Killed the Infoglut Star

“…explaining to the uninitiated why RSS newsreaders are so compelling can be a little frustrating. There’s a certain jene sais quoi about RSS that reminds me of how it felt to describe the Web to people who hadn’t yet experienced it…

I hear you!

And then Chad goes on to say…

All I know is that I can’t go back to my old inefficient ways of consuming information. As the Buggles sang in the first MTV video: “We can’t rewind / We’ve gone too far.” And that’s a good thing.

So, how long before someone writes a parody? Shall we invoke the LazyWeb?

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ISO Creation Tool for Windows XP


Alex Feinman has created the ISO Recorder Power Toy, which “is a UI component that allows you to use CD-Recording capabilities of Windows XP to record and create ISO images.” (via Lockergnome)

There’s also a companion application called CreateCD, which “is a command-line tool that allows recording files and folders to a data CD from command line. … It can also be used from a scripts and batch files to perform automated backup on CD-RW.” (e.g. Robocopy backup scripts)