Donating a Car to Charity

I was doing some research about donating a car to charity and I found a good checklist on the NY Better Business Bureau site

    “If considering a donation of a vehicle to a charity, follow this checklist:

  • Check out the charity. Make sure you are comfortable with its mission, activities and ethics. NYPAS maintains reports on many New York area charities and the Council of Better Business BureausÂ’ PAS program has information on national organizations from around the country.
  • Inquire what specifically the vehicle will be used for.
  • If the vehicle is to be sold, ask the actual dollar amount the charity will receive for your donation. Shop around- some charities receive more for each car donated than others.
  • Determine the true value of your donation, by finding out the “blue book” value and/or getting it appraised by an auto professional. Remember to take any damage into account.
  • Keep copies of all documentation pertaining to your donation for tax purposes.”

Encouraging richer social connections

According to researchers at the University of Washington which was referenced in this NY Times article

“…companies would benefit from encouraging richer social connections,”

The Times article also mentions …

“Google may be great, but people are greater. Paraphrased roughly, that is what researchers at the University of Washington found in a study released last week. People are more likely to seek information from other people than to search the Internet or an intranet, and they are three times more likely to go to people they know than to outside experts…”

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Recipe for Car Power: Heat Vegetable Oil, Flip Switch and Go.

What’s next? Cop cars that run on powdered sugar?

From an
in the NY Times: “He will then start the vehicle on regular
diesel, and after a few minutes, when the vegetable oil becomes more viscous
in the heater, a manual switch will direct it to the diesel engine. From
there, the only detectable difference will be the faint odor of French
fries, and a noticeable lack of diesel stench.” (Thanks for the link John)

Jazz Legend Nina Simone dies at 70

Ms. Simone, we will certainly miss you. And yes, you indeed, moved us all.

“Legendary jazz and blues singer Nina Simone has died at the age of 70 at her home in southern France.”

More news below…

Read and listen to more of Nina Simone’s inspiring
body of work

IT business analyst or IT business technologist

Interesting article in eWeek about IT business

“…an IT business analyst acts as a liaison between non-IT
employees who have a business problem to solve and the IT department, which
is charged with finding the solution.”

Of course this is a self-serving comment from me, but I certainly agree that
this is a key position in the enterprise.

(Thanks Ted for sending me the link [where’s your blog ;-])