New version of Freenet released

There are some interesting new features in the latest release of Freenet:

Like for example, “Forward Error Correction and Healing” or FEC, which not only allows for larger files to be shared, it also provides a “healing” feature, so that parts of files can be re-created.

In addtion, “Anecdotal evidence suggests that FEC allows the reliable downloading of files as large as 600MB from Freenet at average download rates as high as 90k/sec on a broadband internet connection (which compares quite favorably to more conventional P2P applications).”

Hmm …

A brighter future for Knowledge Management

From Jon Udell’s latests InfoWorld column:

“Making knowledge more available gets easier with Weblogs, improved information sorting, better user connections”

“Bottom-up vs. top-down taxonomy is an old, ongoing KM struggle. But the emerging architecture of business process automation may help us cut that Gordian knot. XML documents, produced and consumed by Web services but also by people running a new generation of XML-savvy applications, will be the currency of the information economy. Richly structured, easily captured, and embedded in well-defined business contexts, they’ll be a godsend for tools that mine knowledge from documents.”

More good stuff on Jon’s blog

Blog Evangelism at work

I’ve begun my blog crusade at my new job. So, I’d like to welcome Promit Chakrabarti to the BlogSphere. Do keep an eye on his blog, because Promit is wicked smart — especially in the area of business process analysis … Oh yeah, and of course he knows a thing or two about a “Balanced Scorecard”

Searching the BlogSphere

This is pretty darn cool. Micah Alpern has released a Google BlogSphere search tool (w/source in PHP) that will search across all the sites whose RSS feeds are found in your OPML list.

I think Micah describes it best:
“Until the semantic web arrives the best method we have to understand a users point of view is to examine the RSS feeds they subscribe to. I currently read RSS feeds from over 70 websites. This list of RSS feeds includes friends, publications, and domain expects; all people whose opinions I value. If Googling my weblog is like searching by backup brain, then searching all sites in my RSS news aggregator is like searching the brains of people I respect and find interesting.” (link via Sebastien Paquet)

Bike New York: May 4, 2003

Registration for Bike NY 2003 is now open. Last year was a blast — The best out of the 5 times I’ve ridden in “The Great Five Boro Bike tour”.

Hopefully we’ll be able to assemble another good group of people to ride with.

Register early to get the discount! More info here

If you’re interested in riding with us … feel free to comment on this post.

InfoPath Instant Love

Clemens Vasters seems to really dig InfoPath … some good quotes:

“On the surface, InfoPath is “just” a forms editor that allows you to build editable Forms for XML Schema, Web Services and Databases very quickly. From a technology perspective that’s very cool in itself, but the way InfoPath hides all of that behind its UI will simply make you say “Well, yes, that’s how it should be”. It’s really a no-nonsense data-capture and data-presentation centric variation of what could have been yet another feature of FrontPage that few people would have ever noticed, just because it’s UI is so simple. It’s all Office.”

Although, one of Clemens’ wishes is that he wants to use InfoPath as a Dev tool with C# and VB.NET, I’m not sure I understand why this is an issue if you can submit the form to a web service.

Still, I’d like to give InfoPath a spin myself.

Update: I just found out that we should be getting a copy of Office 11 beta 2 at work shortly.