automatically generate a list of …

dive into mark: “Why canÂ’t I just click an “auto-content” button and have my software automatically generate a list of, say, a dozen interesting links and quotes culled from my aggregator subscriptions, “neighboring” sites, sites discussing the hot topics of the day, and mainstream articles reporting on a small hard-coded list of additional topics?”

Seem like it would be easy enough to create a service like this given the Blogish services available today.

Web Services: Script globally, publish locally

Jon Udell: “A picture can be worth a thousand words. But a URL can be worth half a dozen pictures. When application behavior is expressed [as a web service], you empower your community of users to share it directly. And Google, which can zero in on URLs and URL fragments in Web pages posted by those users, becomes your tireless and efficient helpdesk assistant.”


Googlert is an experimental free service which keeps you updated on what the web is saying about you, your products or your interests. It does this by performing regular Google searches on your behalf and sending an email alert containing any new results that appear.”

Macromedia Contribute

I spent a few minutes today runing throught the product tour of Macromedia’s new light-wieght CMS application Contribute and I have to say that for $99 it seems to be very powerful… I need to test out a demo before I believe the hype, but it certainly has peeked my interest.

Blog via SMS using Moblogger

Moblogger: “This application runs as a background process that monitors a POP3 email account for new email, then downloads it, detaches any files such as pictures, sound or video, uses the Blogger API to post the text in the email to your blog and uses FTP to post the files to your server. Send the email from a phone and you immediately start “moblogging”. (via Ben)

However, it seems to me that Abe Fettig HEP Message server is moving in a similar direction, but not really focused on Moblogging.