Retro 80’s Gig Posters

My buddy Marc sent me a collection of old gig posters advertising shows from the 80’s at the legendary club City Gardens in Trenton, NJ. Wow! They certainly bring back great memories …

As an angst ridden teenager (who wasn’t ;-), living in the shadow of NYC during the 80’s, my room was wallpapered with these posters. I wish I could find some posters from the old Ritz, Irving Plaza and of course CBGB’s.

Do check’em out … Posters: 1985, 1986 #1, 1986 #2, 1986 #3, 1987 #1, 1987 #2

YourMom Surfing

I found this mini-review of “One shortcoming is worth mentioning, however. The site can take a while to
load, and the intrigue of what dirty jokes lie under the “Fat” category are lost
in the wait. Perhaps should spend a little less time trying to look
like Yahoo, and a little more time being as efficient as the search engine. ” … I guess the site developer is too busy with your mom :-) Doh!

Microsoft’s Weblog Software

I wish I wrote this article because I had the same epiphany last year after I evaluated SharePoint Team Services, in that it was ideally suited to be a Webloging tool and many Office XP users didn’t even realize they had it!

“The one player which seems to be fully aware of both the weblog space and SharePoint’s potential is Ray Ozzie‘s Groove Networks, which has fully embraced the SharePoint platform…”

“SharePoint is probably not going to have an impact in the short term. It’s possible that Microsoft will realize the potential of their bCentral service hosting SharePoint sites, and that the MSN team will seize the opportunity to improve the friendliness of the interface and turn it into a commercial mass-market product. The likelihood of that, however, is completly negligible. On the business side, though, Microsoft has pieces in place that put it a full year ahead of any competitor in the areas of network identity integration, document management, and project management functions. “