Pingback to Technorati

I wonder what happens if I Pingback to the search results of my weblog on Technorati? Did I essentially create a watch list? I suppose this will only work if Technorati is using Pingback, which is doubtful, but interesting.

Dogs and Banjos

I never thought I’d be reading a debate about dog breeding on Slashdot, but aparently a new study about the origin of dogs has generated some interesting Slashdot posts like this one from R.Caley:

“Dog breeders have problems not because of the genetic base of all dogs, but
because they make money breeding dogs with their close relatives. The result is
the doggy equivalent of banjo players and European royals.”

Insightful and Funny :-)

Controlling the TV experience is a killer app

Kevin Werbach nails it again with this comment,

“… the growth of PVRs is inevitable. Almost every Tivo user will tell you that controlling the TV experience is a killer app. The costs are falling inexorably because the devices are based on familiar hardware and software. Broadcasters won’t be able to stop them; they need to develop new business models and marketing mechanisms that don’t depend on 30-second commercials.”

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WiFi hack goes commercial

From Pringles-2-Cantenna … “A Cantenna is simply an inexpensive version of the long range antennas used by wireless internet providers and mobile phone companies. Now, with your own Cantenna you can extend the range of your wireless network or connect to other wireless networks in your neighborhood.”

From: Cantenna website

John (Jack) Pearson Federico

After 19 hours of labor (OMG!) and a slew of Blackberry messages from John, I’d like to congratulate Denise and John on the arrival of their new baby boy:

John “Jack” Pearson Federico
Born: November 21st, 2002 @ 11:26 PM
Weight: 9.2 pounds
Length: 21″ (I think he’s starting with the Nets next week ;)

Mom and child are both fine and healthy.

And of course, like John, Jack is already a geek with his very own pre-and-post birth weblog. Also he’s an amazing photographer like Denise, because I’m sure you’ll see some of his pictures online very soon :-)

Why does coffee taste so bad?

From MSNBC: “Coffee prices are at their lowest level in decades. So why does so much of the coffee you buy taste so bad?”

“This year, coffee makers are increasingly substituting low-quality beans in their ground coffee for high-quality beans … In addition, the purity of the average cup of coffee — the ratio of debris like twigs and rotten beans to actual fresh beans — has shifted markedly in the unappetizing direction over the past two years.”

Tech upturn

From CNET: “Using complex mathematical models, neural networks, historical patterns and an eye toward current events, Halla–with a dose of Vegas showmanship–predicted in a keynote speech at Comdex Fall 2002 on Tuesday that the tech industry will be at the apex of a wild growth swing on June 21, 2003, primarily driven by embedding radio and semiconductors into a wide variety of items.” … I’ll believe it when we’re there.

Childhood beliefs database

Found this on BoingBoing: I Used to Believe: Childhood beliefs database

With gems like these:

When I first heard the expression, “post nasal-drip” I thought it was a cereal.
I used to think buying ice ceam from the truck was the same as taking candy from a stranger.
I thought that when newsreaders spoke of ‘guerilla fighters’, that they were referring to actual gorillas on the rampage.