Woof! Can you hear me now?

This is a fascinating article from NY Times: “A dog collar equipped with a wireless microphone that records a pet’s barks, interprets them as emotions and transmits them as text messages like “I’m bored, let’s play.” (I think I already know that bark all too well ;) …

However, “…could meow-activated cat doors or drug-sniffing police dogs whose barks can be decoded be far behind? “If you can classify the morphology of the signal, it can be synthesized,” said Marc Hauser, a professor of psychology and neurosciences at Harvard University who imagined a system that would let pet owners track down runaway dogs. Playing aloud recorded samples of Rover’s bark while canvassing the neighborhood would elicit responses from nearby dogs, whose voiceprints could then be analyzed instantly for a match. If this sounds far-fetched, remember that Americans spent $30 billion on their pets last year, more than twice as much as in 1994.” Woof!

Affordable networked set-top box?

“PRISMIQ has developed a high-end yet affordable networked set-top box that supports your personal media (such as MP3s and digital photos), digital television, IP-based video on demand, musical/digital jukebox, and web

All for $249.95 … not bad …

and … “[PRISMIQ has a] flexible architecture that can support a variety of additional components like a Personal Video Recorder (PVR). Our unique hardware and software solutions are built from the ground up to take advantage of the home network from Ethernet, to WiFi, to HPNA, to HomePlug. We put the fun in your home network.”

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Tim Bray on Office 11 and XML

From an article on XML Journal: “that when the huge universe of MS Office documents becomes available for processing by any programmer with a Perl script and a bit of intelligence, all sorts of wonderful new things can be invented that you and I can’t imagine.”