Small Business Blogging

A quote from Dan Bricklin's post about Small Biz Blogging : "An area where blogs can really shine is in crisis management. In addition to internal communications like normal project management, a public blog can be a major way to conduct effective communication with the public and press. Remember the Tylenol package tampering years back? Frequent forthright communication from a senior executive was crucial for maintaining public trust — it is the "textbook" case."

Blogs May Provide Valuable PR Opportunities

Quotes from an article title "Pitching Blogs" on the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) site:

"… blogs are rapidly becoming authoritative news sources. PR professionals should keep this new type of media on their radar screens"

"Publicists have long sought means for reaching highly targeted audiences, including media reps, in order to drive buzz about their clients. With the kind of traffic and targeting that any of the aforementioned sites generate, topic-specific blogs can fit the bill."