Google and Weblogs: best hope for KM

An interesting   sidebar by Jon Udell to an article in InfoWorld on the Google search appliance…

Quotes: "Webloggers are becoming the guerrilla warriors of a KM revolution. And on both sides of the firewall, they and Google are natural allies."

"The presence of Google motivates in ways that go beyond the trendy appeal of Weblogs. Of course, posted items can be found later on. But more subtly, they participate in a status hierarchy. Google's PageRank algorithm is all about finding the best document — that is, the most relevant, most authoritative — for each query-defined domain."

"The knowledge effects of Weblogging, or "k-logging," go far beyond search-and-retrieval. A collection of Weblogs isn't just a pool of documents. It's also a knowledge network, where at each node human intelligence performs the routing function."