Launches Weblogs

From Yahoo News: " … has launched daily Weblogs devoted to media, politics, technology, international news and entertainment. Each "blog" is created by an columnist who provides analysis for readers, as well as bookmarks and links to the latest online news in their area of expertise. Visitors to can read blogs from Eric Alterman, Chris Matthews, Michael Moran, Alan Boyle, and Jan Herman in the Opinions section of the site at: "

When 300 baud was the bomb

DAMN! This is so true … My room was exactly the same (including the Atari 800!) and the author must have been in a near-by 'hood' because those prefixes look awfully familiar …

"Back in the day, phone prefixes mattered. Flat rate local calls meant the boards in your local zone were free — not phree, which was different. I had a list of them posted on my wall, for a while, but soon enough I never really needed it. I knew my zone. 992, 667; 665; 464 — they were my 'hood."


JAF sent this to me and I also saw it on DayPop the other day …

Blogonomics: making a living from blogging –

"A long essay on the future economics of blogging which theorizes that blogs will become a very attractive medium for advertisers. "The old economics of media he who controls distribution wins the most readers and serves advertisers best will be plowed under by a new economics she who relates best attracts the most valuable audience." The "self-organized networks" of the blogosphere "offer adventurous advertisers the opportunity to target unique and previously unarticulated demographics," the writer says."