: Take back your name from Verisign

What an awesome service: VerisignOff ! — "Network Solutions is a company owned by Verisign that registers and administers top-level domain names for customers throughout the world. These companies engage in a variety of business practices that are, in our opinion, unethical, fraudulent, and calculated to be opaque and unfriendly to consumers. Despite many well-publicized, and in some cases, frankly nefarious, scandals involving these companies, millions of people continue to patronize them as the registrars for their domain names."

SpamNet: New spam filtering

For the past few hours I've been using Cloudmark's new P2P based spam filter plug-in for Outlook  and so far so good. In addition to my own simple home grown server-based phrase matching spam filter, I've only had one bogus message reach my inbox. If I factor out what my own spam filter nabbed, that's roughly 1 spam out of 5. Not bad. However, given the P2P roots of Coundmark's spam filter, I can only imagine that it'll get better and better as more people use the system. So, start using it!


Probably old news, but still funny: "Spamradio: Using a complex arrangement of pipes and funnels we turn the junk mail that we receive into a streaming audio broadcast that can be enjoyed from anywhere on the Internet."

Interview with eRoom CEO

Short, but interesting interview with eRoom CEO Jeffrey Beir …

Some quotes: "Beir: A proprietary, fat-client, peer-to-peer, replicated, $49-a-client strategy is not a modern strategy. It's a very '90s strategy. Let's step back to the business problem. A team of people needs to come together rapidly to collaborate on a mission-critical project. There's rich content, and there are lots of applications. That dictates an architecture that must work very easily across enterprises; it needs to be agnostic about the platform; it needs to be thin-client so it's easy to deploy; it needs to be enterprise-scalable and 24-by-7."

From: eRoom CEO: More Room to Grow

Dee Dee Ramone found dead

Really sad … I guess he really wanted to be "sedated" … Say hello to Joey for us Dee Dee

"Dee Dee Ramone, a founding member of the pioneer punk band the Ramones, was found dead of a possible drug overdose in his Hollywood home, the coroner's office said Thursday. He was 50"