Groove updates peer-to-peer software

Interesting … "Peer-to-peer software specialist Groove Networks on Monday will release a new version of its collaboration and instant messaging software."

"Version 2.0 of the Groove software includes tools for integration with Outlook e-mail, enhanced support for Microsoft Office and new server tools for businesses using the service."

"The new version includes an "Outlook onramp" tool that can automatically convert e-mail attachments into documents that can be shared through Groove's collaboration tools, preventing those endless sequences of "Re:" messages, said Richard Eckel, vice president of communications for Groove. "People are seeing that e-mail is not a tool that really works for group discussions," he said. "

Music labels collect $1 million fine

Wow! John just sent me this one: "An Arizona company, which dedicated a server for the exchange of music files between employees, has settled with the Recording Industry Association of America by paying $1 million. Integrated Information Systems offers technology and business consulting services. "This sends a clear message that there are consequences if companies allow their resources to further copyright infringement," said Matt Oppenheim, senior vice president of the industry group. "We applaud Integrated for accepting its responsibility and working actively with us to settle this case out of court." The group complained to IIS last August, at which time the parties began settlement talks."

Software Secrets-Exposed! The Ultimate How-To Guide for Building Your Own Software Empire!

I received this one from John and I can't tell if it's is a joke or not … Either way, it's hilarious!

Software! Secrets! Exposed! "If you've ever dreamed about building a business that can stand the test of time, that can deliver consistent massive profits, that doesn't take a genius to create and maintain you can now get your hands on the ultimate step-by-step guide to the secrets of the software business!"

Yahoo Spam Prefs (e.g. Marketing Prefs)

This is a big F-U from Yahoo!

It looks like Yahoo has changed their "Opt-In Marketing Preferences" to assume that everyone wants Spam and phone calls from TELEMARKETERS!

As such, Yahoo has set the "Enroll Me" flag to "YES" on all of your opt-in settings including contacting you via snail mail AND phone (if that information is part of your Yahoo account).

To edit these settings, click on the following to go directly to your Yahoo Marketing Preferences