Coffee-Wielding Bandit

did you ever imagine reading "coffee-wielding bandit" as a headline?

"Florida police say a coffee-wielding bandit has robbed at least six Fort Lauderdale Dunkin' Donuts stores. Police say the man hurls hot java at the clerks after they open the register and then grabs cash from the open drawer."

Collaboration, suddenly, is cool.

the following are quotes from an interesting article titled "Culture of Collaboration", which includes 10 recommendations for getting employees to adopt collaborative tools and use them in an effective way.

"The biggest challenge of getting employees to work together online isn't a technological problem-it's a cultural and organizational one."

"The danger for many is overspending on collaborative technologies without making the cultural and organizational adjustments necessary to derive any benefit from them."

"Collaboration software just won't work if you don't have a corporation that encourages people to work together."