What should be the response to violence?

Quotes from a rather long, but interesting article titled, The theory of power shows that weapons indicate weakness, not strength, by Michael Jennings:

"Showing a lack of understanding of history, President Bush, in a speech to the nation on Sunday, September 16, 2001, used the term "crusade" to refer to what he wants for the United States. During the Crusades [rhodes.edu], from 1095 to 1291 A.D., Europeans traveled to Arab countries to kill Arabs."

"In calling for a "crusade", President Bush said the worst thing that could possibly be said. To many Arabs, this word meant that he was calling for an indiscriminate killing of Arabs. ABC News reported in a September 22, 2001 story that the term was upsetting to many people in the Middle East."

"The Guardian [guardian.co.uk], a respected newspaper in England, reported in a September 22, 2001 story, Threat of U.S. strikes passed to Taliban weeks before NY attack. [guardian.co.uk], that the Bush administration had threatened the Taliban with military strikes about two months before the recent World Trade Center bombing. The story says that the threat "raises the possibility that Bin Laden … was launching a pre-emptive strike in response to what he saw as U.S. threats."

"On U.S. television there has been very little reporting of the fact that millions of Afghans are on the edge of starvation. The September 22, 2001 BBC News story The refugee crisis: How should the world react? [bbc.co.uk] says, "Aid agencies are warning of an epic humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, threatening the lives of millions of ordinary Afghans."

"There were U.S. citizens who didn't like the activities of the U.S. police forces in Waco. There were people who were psychologically unbalanced by these activities. One of them, Timothy McVeigh, decided to retaliate and bombed a U.S. government building in Oklahoma. So then the U.S. government killed him."

[more here]

Six options beyond war and peace

Quotes from What Happens Next? by Jesse Walker

"1. The Gandhi Option: Wouldn't it make more sense just to stop these clumsy interventions into other people's battles? Why make ourselves a target for every tin-pot maniac in the Third World?"

"2. The Kojak Option: A terrible crime has been committed. … So it's time for some expert policework, to track down and capture the people who did this."

"4. The Bugs Bunny Option: This one's named for the great American who, when attacked, routinely remarks, "Of course you realize this means war."

"3. The Bronson Option: If we cannot be policemen, let us be vigilantes."

5. The Caesar Option: The war will not merely be long. It will be perpetual. We will not be fighting an army, after all, but a tactic–terrorism–that can be adopted by small cells anywhere in the world. More: We will be fighting a mindset, one which will probably be inflamed still further by the battle against it. We will never know when the war is over, or when we're finally safe. Innocent civilians will die–not just abroad, but here …

"6. The Strangelove Option: Sam Donaldson asked the Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, whether we can "rule out" the use of nuclear weapons. "I'll have to think about your answer," said Donaldson. "I don't think the answer was no."

Pro-bin Laden Pakistani vandal defaces World Trade site

from computer user: "The founder of a group called the Pakistan Hackerz Club defaced the Web site of World Trade Services, a California-based firm that facilitates international e-commerce."

"In a message left at the defaced site, an individual calling himself "Doctor Nuker" suggested the U.S. government may have orchestrated the terrorist attacks on America to justify widening its manhunt for Osama bin Laden."

a letter from an afghani american

The following was found on craigslist and written by Tamim Ansary who is an Afghani-American writer. It's a very powerful letter in response to the events of the past week. Here are some quotes:

"The Taliban are a cult of ignorant psychotics who took over Afghanistan in 1997. Bin Laden is a political criminal with a plan. When you think Taliban, think Nazis. When you think Bin Laden, think Hitler. And when you think 'the people of Afghanistan' think 'the Jews in the concentration camps.' It's not only that the Afghan people had nothing to do with this atrocity. They were the first victims of the perpetrators. They would exult if someone would come in there, take out the Taliban and clear out the rats nest of international thugs holed up in their country."

"We come now to the question of bombing Afghanistan back to the Stone Age. Trouble is, that's been done. The Soviets took care of it already. Make the Afghans suffer? They're already suffering. Level their houses? Done. Turn their schools into piles of rubble? Done. Eradicate their hospitals? Done. Destroy their infrastructure? Cut them off from medicine and health care? Too late. Someone already did all that."

"… to get any troops to Afghanistan, we'd have to go through Pakistan. Would they let us? Not likely. The conquest of Pakistan would have to be first. Will other Muslim nations just stand by? You see where I'm going. We're flirting with a world war between Islam and the West. [more here]

Help build a Web Archive of the Sept 11 Attack

FYI: "webArchivist.org is working with The Internet Archive in collaboration with the Library of Congress to identify and archive pages and sites related to the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington on September 11, 2001. We want to be sure that there is a solid historical record of this time."

"We are asking for volunteers to help us identify any web sites or pages that have information or content about the Sep11 Attack. We are especially interested in finding sites by individuals — that record their feelings, experiences or opinions. We are also especially interested in finding non-American sites."

it's a shame that the archive isn't viewable as it's being built …

Will more violence heal us?

SharedVoice.org was launched on September 17 to promote that the people want justice, but an end to more violence …

"We want to live in a world where we can live in harmony with other nations, and to feel safe from a sense of escalation that we as individuals feel little control over."

"What is missing from the landscape of images and words is an expression of agreement among people who feel that as leaders in the world, the United States ought to uphold the values we so strongly affirm – freedom and justice. Is justice served in the taking of innocent lives, anywhere?"

Their aim is to have "a million voices by Friday, September 21 who agree that justice should prevail, but not at the expense of our own value of life."

Visit the web site to join the "shared voices"

Terrorism: Web Communities Offer Support

from Utne Reader: "If you ever doubted that online communities can legitimately be called "communities," the last couple of days should erase any uncertainty. In the wake of Tuesday's shocking terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, millions of people around the globe have turned to the Web to reach out to others, share their analysis, their anger, and their anguish."

Hybrid E-Mail Worm Loose

FYI: "This worm, named W32/Nimda.A-mm, is dangerously different than virtually all e-mail borne viruses: It can infect a computer when a user simply clicks on the subject line in an attempt to open the innocent-looking e-mail, or visits a Web page housed on an infected server." "the only workaround is to "Disable Active Scripting" in the Tools/Options/Security menu, which can be accessed from within Outlook or Explorer." http://www.wired.com/news/technology/0,1282,46944,00.html