New tools ease portal creation

this sounds a lot like Web Parts … "OnePage Inc. and Enfish Corp. each released new software to enable corporate users to organize corporate information in portals … OnePage's Content Connect Studio doesn't replace portal frameworks from other companies; it augments them with the capability to create, manage and integrate portlets (pieces of code that capture and embed data) into many enterprise portal platforms"

From: New tools ease portal creation

Comcast and Cox say “See Ya!” to Excite@Home

ouch! this just gets worse! what will our broadband options be?

Excite@Home … "announced today that it has received formal notification
from Cox and Comcast that they will exercise their rights under their
existing distribution agreements with the company to terminate those
agreements effective June 4, 2002. The company is continuing to engage in
discussions with Cox and Comcast concerning alternative arrangements for the
continued provision of the company's broadband Internet service to
subscribers of Cox and Comcast cable systems. However, there can be no
assurance that such discussions will result in such alternative commercial

IE 6 Released

Internet Explorer 6 was released yesterday. Download here

"Internet Explorer 6.0 includes many new and enhanced features that can simplify the daily tasks you perform while helping you to maintain the privacy of your personal information on the Web. The integrated Advanced Search bar makes it a snap to find whatever you may be looking for on the Web. The Image Toolbar feature allows you to quickly and easily save pictures, e-mail pictures, and print pictures that you find on Web pages. You can also view all your saved pictures in the My Pictures folder. When you point to pictures on Web pages, the My Pictures toolbar appears, giving you instant access to My Pictures functions. Another new Explorer bar, the Contacts bar, allows MSN Messenger Service members to use instant-messaging features from within the browser window while they surf the Web. The Media Bar offers a seamless Web media experience. It provides a simple user interface for locating and playing media within the browser window. The Media Bar has simple controls that enable you to play music, video, or mixed-media files without opening a separate window. The Media Bar also lets you control the audio volume and choose which media files or tracks to play."

Salesforce to record $25 million in revenue

not bad for an ASP "… privately held Salesforce has 2,800 companies that pay it to manage about 50,000 people worldwide, and it is on track to record some $25 million in revenue this year. "The quality of our revenue is special because it's an annuity, so we know within 1 [percent] to 2 percent what we'll have in revenue next month," he says. The company has cash on hand to take it to breakeven early next year, Benioff says. "Our gross margins are on the order of 70 percent, and we could break even sooner, but we are investing in R&D, marketing, branding and increasing our enterprise capability."

From: ZDNet: Interactive Week: CRM As A Service Comes Of Age

Trillian IM

Trillian is an IM client, which currently supports AOL IM, ICQ, MSN
Messenger, IRC, and Yahoo! Messenger. It's just over a year old and after
using it for a week it feels more stable than any Jabber client I've used
and worth the download if you need to cross-IM with people. (sorry dave, no
mac client ;-)

Bell Companies Blamed for D.S.L.’s Woes

no shit … "According to a paper released last month by the School of
Information Management and Systems at the University of California at
Berkeley, the regional Bell operating companies … have maintained
'unreasonable delays' in providing D.S.L. connections to Internet service
providers while charging wholesale prices that are 'unjustifiably high.'"

Rent Exchange for $14 per/user/month

found on GeekNews and i'm guessing it's .Net-based …

"Broadband customers of Telewest can now subscribe to a "rentware" version of Microsoft Exchange with Outlook using their cable modem PC connection. The U.K. service costs 10 pounds ($14) a month on top of their existing cable modem subscription."

another interesting quote:
"Obviously there plans to extend the service to Microsoft Office, but we're also looking at the possibility of offering access to financial software for small businesses across the broadband connection…"

From: U.K.: Broadband 'Rentware' – MS-Exchange For 10£ Month