Procter & Gamble develops new products via Knowledge-sharing platform

Procter & Gamble "… recently began linking 18,000 research and development employees through a global intranet called InnovationNet."

the project developed by AskMe allowed workers to collaborate on new product development with company experts from around the world.

good quotes:
"A recent study by …Gartner Group suggests companies that proactively manage intellectual assets stand to make more profit than those that don't."

"Technologies that mediate that are going to be the next generation of the information revolution. They're the answer to our most complex set of questions."

From: Knowledge-sharing platform proves wise move for AskMe

Portal Diversity

this article tries to breakdown and define the various portal offerings  … it's worth a read even if it's a bit obvious is some cases.

"Almost every major software vendor offers a portal solution. It's no wonder: With organizations striving to provide internal and external users with an intuitive way to access relevant content, browser-based portals are a strategic part of any e-business initiative. In a recent Meta Group survey, 78 percent of organizations indicated future portal efforts would include employees as targets. That figure is far greater than the 53 percent that plan to target customers and 32 percent aiming at suppliers."

From: Network Computing | Feature | Business Applications | A Portal Odyssey | Page 1 | July 23, 2001

IT Sees Beyond ASP Crash

From: InternetWeek: "What will separate the winners from the losers going forward will be the integration of this buffet. Which company will be able to connect a company's travel and entertainment application with HR? And what about CRM with general ledger?"

Business to Employee: People want to share knowledge

From: Interactive Week: "one area that seems to be bucking the [downward] trend is the field of business-to-employee applications. Companies servicing this sector are reporting healthy revenue and, in fact, a number of firms are making new investments in B2E ventures."

"B2E's favored status comes from the simple fact that companies, big and small, have reported significant gains – both in cost reductions and productivity improvements – from implementing B2E applications. They cover the gamut from self-service access to … portals aimed at improving collaboration and communications among staff. What they have in common is a relatively low cost of implementation and a high return on investment (ROI)."

"B2E has been like a breath of fresh air, because what it shows is that the Internet is not worthless – it provides significant value"

"There are a lot of people that can build portals," … "The question is: How many are building them from the perspective of the employee? That's the primary reason why the technology is not effective – because it wasn't built from the perspective of the employee that has to use it."