Delegation scales the community

this is a bit old, but i thought it to be a great quote by Stefano Mazzocchi about his decision to leave the Apache Cocoon development he created:

"…delegation scales the community and a bigger community means more value, more fun, more positive energy. But delegation happens only if you trust, if you consider your fellow community mate equal to you.

When this doesn't happen, friction develops, bottlenecks arise, positive energy turns into negative one.

Just think about it and return on it often: you are never far enough from your ego to be safe."

From: Cocoon-Dev Mailing List: Taking some time off'

Lotus to offer Web services kit to developers

an interesting article detailing how lotus plans to offer it's collaboration applications as web services:

"The centerpiece of Lotus' announcements will be a Web services enablement kit that allows developers to take components of Lotus collaboration applications and embed them as Web services in other Lotus applications or in non-Lotus Web applications."

From: ZDNet: eWEEK: Lotus to offer Web services kit to developers

J.R.R. Tolkien: Lord of the Geeks

very intriguing article in the Village Voice about Tolkien's influence on geek-culture

"If you feel that's no particularly meaningful achievement, I understand. But maybe you could indulge me and imagine, just for a moment, that the fact that we live in a world increasingly made by geeks actually makes their collective imagination worth understanding."

From: The Village Voice: Features: Lord of the Geeks by Julian Dibbell

New company targets corporate portals

"American Express and software partners Tibco and Infosys launched a new company on Tuesday aimed at giving customers an easier way to access business-management software, services and content via the Web."

"The new venture, dubbed Workadia, will provide companies a corporate portal where employees can log on to access certain business applications, e-mail, calendars, expense reports, corporate travel, human resources and a list of other products and services."

From: New company targets corporate portals – Tech News –