Guess the job title …

"Do you like being famous for accomplishing great things? Do you enjoy working with people of like minds? Do you look for flexible hours? Do you desire full health benefits with the world renowned Captain Dentist and Dr.Feelgood? Then you are exactly what we are looking for."

Give up? Answer here!

P2P on drugs … Groovy!

Groove lands the pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline as a customer; with over 100,000 employees, GlaxoSmithKline has agreed to purchase 10,000 copies of Groove 1.0.

Groove Networks also announced the release of its Groove Development Kit 1.0 (GDK), which allows users to create "p-to-p applications using just XML and scripting languages such as JavaScript."

From: Groove ships p-to-p platform

Night ride!

Tonight I'm going for my first night ride of the spring! I can't wait! Lights are charging, bike is tuned … I just have to fight traffic to get home.

New Linux-based Worm Alert!

"The SANS institute has documented the Adore worm (previously called the Red worm), similar to the Lion and Ramen worms.  It scans for Linux systems to see if they are vulnerable to the LPRng, rpc-statd, wu-ftpd and BIND exploits, and, if so, inflicts its damage.  Note that LPRng is installed by default on Red Hat 7.0.  The worm apparently debuted on April 1.  The full write-up (a work in progress) may be found at" [thanks ed!]