Napster’s Million Download March

"Used to be they'd gather in Washington, D.C. to discuss civil rights and freedom. These days, it's all about the right to download copyrighted material. Will you join Napster in its 'teach-in' next Tuesday at the Capitol? Declan McCullagh reports from Washington."

From: Wired News

Mirror Worlds Technologies Inc

"Finding and organizing information is the No. 1 problem in technology"

MWT's mission: "to help people gain control of their digital data through software that lets them find their files more easily."

Their product, Scopeware, is basically a P2P client, like gnutella, but designed for corporate use.

They have an interesting solution to the document management issue, because documents are stored on employees' hard drives, but it doesn't help document collaboration.

Here's the Business Week article about them. (thanks kim)