Jello Biafra for President?

one of the things i remember most about seeing the DK's live is how much Jello Biafra likes to rant … and now with his presidential run behind him he's addressing the "hacker community" with great quotes like this one,

"Don't hate the media, become the media …"

wow! despite the fact that i never thought i would see jello quoted in a technology publication, i still find myself agreeing with a few of his views …

from slashdot:

from slashdot: jon katz's second in a series of essays on Open Media Take Two: The Sensemakers
some interesting quotes:
"Sensemaking — organizing and transmitting data via the distributed architecture of the Net — is the big idea behind the rise of Open Media."
"Connecting information consumers with information may become one of the defining elements of successful media in the 21st Century."
"…help people keep up with the information most relevant to their interests"

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