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Will InfoPath have the same impact as Excel?

jasnell has an interesting observation: “If InfoPath does for XML and Web services what Excel did for Spreadsheets, bravo to Microsoft, good job.”

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Semantic Blogging at HP

While reading the comments on Seb’s Towards structured blogging, I found a link to the following research going on at HP: Semantic Blogging for Bibliographies: “The central idea is to apply ideas, techniques and tools from the semantic web and … Continue reading

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New version of Freenet released

There are some interesting new features in the latest release of Freenet: Like for example, “Forward Error Correction and Healing” or FEC, which not only allows for larger files to be shared, it also provides a “healing” feature, so that … Continue reading

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Social Network Datamining via Email

From Discover “… the software will create a remarkably sophisticated assessment of your various social groups, showing you not only their relative size but also the interactions between different groups.” (link via BoingBoing)

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A brighter future for Knowledge Management

From Jon Udell’s latests InfoWorld column: “Making knowledge more available gets easier with Weblogs, improved information sorting, better user connections” “Bottom-up vs. top-down taxonomy is an old, ongoing KM struggle. But the emerging architecture of business process automation may help … Continue reading

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Mosaic Web browser 10 Years Old

I can’t believe it has been almost 10 years since NCSA Mosaic burst onto the scene. I remember making the jump from Gopher Servers and thinking, “Wow, this should make things interesting.” It certainly did … And Charles Cooper has … Continue reading

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Andrei Kivilev mourned at Paris-Nice

This is very sad indeed … I just leared via Jeff Veen’s blog that cycling great Andrei Kivilev died yesterday after a fall during the third stage of the Paris-Nice bicycle race. Andrei “burst onto the international scene when he … Continue reading

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Blog Evangelism at work

I’ve begun my blog crusade at my new job. So, I’d like to welcome Promit Chakrabarti to the BlogSphere. Do keep an eye on his blog, because Promit is wicked smart — especially in the area of business process analysis … Continue reading

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Searching the BlogSphere

This is pretty darn cool. Micah Alpern has released a Google BlogSphere search tool (w/source in PHP) that will search across all the sites whose RSS feeds are found in your OPML list. I think Micah describes it best: “Until … Continue reading

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I’ll have Big Mac, Fries and McWiFi — hold the WEP

According to this MSNBC article: “McDonaldÂ’s restaurants in three U.S. cities will offer one hour of free high-speed [WiFi] access to anyone who buys a combination meal.” (via Scobleizer)

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Dichotomy of Email

Interesting Slashdot thread that argues the effectiveness of email, which is in response to this article.

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Bike New York: May 4, 2003

Registration for Bike NY 2003 is now open. Last year was a blast — The best out of the 5 times I’ve ridden in “The Great Five Boro Bike tour”. Hopefully we’ll be able to assemble another good group of … Continue reading

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InfoPath Instant Love

Clemens Vasters seems to really dig InfoPath … some good quotes: “On the surface, InfoPath is “just” a forms editor that allows you to build editable Forms for XML Schema, Web Services and Databases very quickly. From a technology perspective … Continue reading

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SharePoint Portal Server “v2.0″ Beta 2

Microsoft just released beta 2 of SPPS 2.0. The Beta includes Office InfoPath integration, but I don’t have an Office 11 beta to test it against :-(

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Google Hacks

A collection of Google Hacks on ResearchBuzz. (via Slashdot)

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